Printed Hi-viz Vests & Clothing

Welcome to our dedicated service page for printed hi-viz vests and clothing. At Nextwave Printing, we specialise in providing high-quality, customisable hi-viz clothing to meet the safety and branding needs of businesses, organisations, and individuals alike.

Minimum Order Quantity:

Screen Printing – 20 Items

Embroidery & Digital Prints – 5 Items

Printed Hi-viz Vests

Why Choose Printed Hi-viz Vests?

Enhancing visibility in hazardous environments is paramount to ensuring safety. Our printed hi-viz vests offer the following benefits:

  • Increased Safety: High-visibility clothing significantly reduces the risk of accidents by making wearers more visible to others, especially in low-light conditions or high-traffic areas.
  • Customizable Branding: With our printing services, you can personalize hi-viz vests with your company name, logo, or any other branding elements. This not only promotes your brand but also enhances professionalism.
  • Improved Identification: Printed vests help in easy identification of employees, volunteers, or team members, facilitating smoother coordination and communication in various work settings.
  • Enhanced Morale: Providing personalised hi-viz vests can boost employee morale and instill a sense of pride in representing your organisation, thereby fostering a positive work environment.
  • Compliance: Our printed vests meet industry standards for high-visibility apparel, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and requirements.

Ready to explore our range of blank clothing or request a quote?

We have access to a huge range of blank clothing and accessories, the majority of which can be personalised with your business logo, brand, team name, organisation or design.

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